Discover Your Intuitive Business Potential

Make the Right Decision in Any Business Situation By Learning How to Trust Your Business Intuition

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Welcome to the Discover Your Intuitive Business Potential course that is going to help you make the right business decisions at the right time in any business situation that you find yourself in.

Specifically, this course will:

  • Help you understand your business intuition by showing you how it is formed
  • Prevent you from making the wrong business decisions by showing you how the four types of intuition work together
  • Make sure you never ignore your business intuition again by helping you discover what your unique intuitive signals are
  • Show how your intuition plays a critical role in business decisions by showing it in action using cases studies
  • Move you to take action by recording your own intuitive experiences using worksheets you can download

Once you have completed this course, you will become an expert in your intuitive capabilities, and this is when you start making the crucial business decisions that make sure that you are among the 1% of businesses that survives past the 5 year mark, leaving your competitors way behind!

Your Instructor

Sunil Godse
Sunil Godse

My friend was shot and killed because I ignored my intuition.

She needed advice on how to get rid of a stalker and, even though my intuition was telling me to meet her that afternoon, I ignored my intuition, telling her to meet me two days later.

The next day, that stalker shot her in the head and killed her instantly.

What I SHOULD have done is taken the time to understand why I ignored my intuition, but I didn't.

And this led me to ignore my intuition yet again and again, wasting 3 years in a career I didn't enjoy and coming home bankrupt after a client didn't pay me.

This HAD to stop, and so I started to ask myself, "Why did I ignore my intuition to get into these devastating situations?"

To answer that very question, I spent over 10,000 hours on research and interviewed over a thousand people to find out that the reason that people ignore their intuition is because they don't understand how their intuition behaves, and this is when they ignore the intuitive signals to make a series of bad decisions that end up in situations that they regret.

My mission is to change people's lives by helping them understand how their intuition behaves so that they recognize the unique set of signals it gives them so that every decision is the right one in any situation, putting them on the path to success in every area of their lives

I hope you give me a chance to change yours.

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